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About Southwest Scoliosis Institute

Our physicians specialize in scoliosis, complex spine and revision surgeries. Southwest Scoliosis Institute offers hope to those with even the most complex scoliosis and spinal conditions.

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Our physicians have successfully performed more than 5,600 surgeries.

Richard Hostin, MD, Kathryn Wiesman, MD and Shyam Kishan, MD, are fellowship trained and board certified, treating children and adults with scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and other complex spinal diseases. Because we have expertise and long history of focusing on scoliosis and complex spine cases, we can offer a broad range of research based treatment options.

Each patient is given plenty of time with their physician to discuss any symptoms or concerns and devise the most successful research-proven treatment for the condition. Our physicians always offer the most conservative treatment based on current research outcomes.

“The major reason I operate on adults with scoliosis is to manage or attempt to prevent pain,” explains Dr. Hostin. “Pain is a terribly disruptive phenomenon in someone’s life. Pain disrupts your physical and emotional life; it disrupts your relationship with your spouse, your work and your children. Pain can really ravage your life,” he explains. “The most important job I have as an orthopedic surgeon is to find the source of my patient’s pain and the best solution to remove or alleviate it as conservatively as I can.”

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“I have experienced several surgeries prior to this one and they went fine, but over time I started leaning forward. I had to start exploring other options. I am an active person and I wanted to stay that way. I had to decide to take the step and have the surgery. The pre-ops were great, it was like prep sessions of knowing exactly what was going to happen, how long it will take and what to expect. My experience here has been fantastic. I feel better than I have felt in 10 years.” – Shawn Coker

“At the Southwest Scoliosis Institute, my physician spent time with me like I was his only patient. He discussed all information of my diagnosis thoroughly. In a day where physicians let their assistants take over their office visits, these physicians are hands on an very knowledgeable.” – Kenneth Reed

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