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Scoliosis Information and Spine Deformity Treatment

It’s not just a Disorder of Children

Scoliosis, Spine Pain & Spinal Deformaty Education affects 12 million people worldwide. The majority of these individuals have few problems, but for a small percentage of individuals with progressive curvature, the problems can be very severe. A particularly debilitating form of the disease produces incapacitating pain and progressive deformity of the spine. In untreated cases, there is a disfiguring curve and often a large hump in the back. Patients with this form of scoliosis have increasing difficulty exercising as they get older and are limited by pain. Some have difficulty breathing as the disease progresses.

The natural history of the disease in women is different than in men, and despite the fact that men and women have the same incidence of scoliosis, women have progressive disease seven times more frequently.

“The general public should know that we have made huge strides in the treatment of scoliosis,” says Dr. Richard Hostin. “Most people, including scoliosis patients, believe the problem is treated as an adolescent by wearing a back brace. What they don’t realize is that in many cases it continues to get worse. They go to their family doctor in pain and frustration, only to be told that as an adult few options exist.”

Surgical risks are minimized with a very experienced surgical and nursing team, don’t hesitate contact Southwest Scoliosis Institute for Scolisis Specialist surgeons & care. Spinal cord injury, which is the serious concern of all patients, is very rare but occasionally does occur. National statistics indicate that spinal cord injury occurs in less than 1 in 100 cases.

One of the primary frustrations is that only a handful of U.S. surgeons have the extensive experience and interest in specializing in these difficult procedures. In many cities there is no Orthopedist Surgeon focusing and specializing on the care of adults with scoliosis, and therefore, many individuals who would benefit from the Southwest Scoliosis Institute are unaware of the opportunity to get better — to ‘get their life back.’ If you are an adult living with scoliosis, or have a child with spinal deformity and need a specialist in spine deformity treatment please call the Southwest Scoliosis Institute. Our help is available to you now. To learn more, click on any of the questions below:

  1. What is scoliosis?
  2. What causes scoliosis?
  3. Is scoliosis hereditary?
  4. Can you get scoliosis from an injury?
  5. Can the spinal injuries be caused from viral or similar diseases?
  6. Are there environmental factors that contribute to scoliosis?
  7. What other factors contribute to the onset of scoliosis curvature?
  8. Does scoliosis always show its face in childhood?
  9. Is the incidence of scoliosis the same among men and women?
  10. Is scoliosis a progressive disease?
  11. What is the prognosis for a child with scoliosis?
  12. What is the prognosis for an adult with scoliosis?
  13. Do these adults require surgery?
  14. How long is an actual surgery?
  15. Are two surgeries ever needed?
  16. What happens after surgery?
  17. How long is does recovery take?
  18. For adults in pain, what can you do?
  19. How many physicians across the country specialize in scoliosis surgeries?
  20. Why do so few doctors say adult scoliosis is treatable?
  21. Is scoliosis surgery covered by insurance?
  22. You provide concierge services. Why is that?
  23. When you meet with scoliosis patients, what do you tell them?
  24. Is there much scoliosis research going on?
  25. What does the future hold?

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