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Reach out to us for help

Reach out to us for Specialized Spine Care! Our Advanced Complex Spine Specialists will get you back to living the life you want to live! Our physicians are spine specialists. they know how to help you get the most out of your life. First, your physician will meet with you and carefully listen and document your concerns and symptoms. After your exam and records review, a comprehensive treatment plan will be devised just for you. Each patient is unique, therefore, all spine conditions and back pain are different. You can trust your spine physician to review, study and research your condition and situation. At the end of your initial visit, if you have all of your testing required, you and your physician together will collaborate on a conservative, researched-based treatment plan.

Bring past testing to your appointment

First, it is extremely important that each patient bring actual copies of all previous testing and reports. Including, their films and/or any diagnostic testing along with the reports for physicians to review. By combining a physical examination, symptoms, and diagnostic imaging, your physician will have a really good perspective of your condition. It’s the final piece of the puzzle to allow your physician to get a complete picture of your anatomy. Utilizing all your testing and reports it will provide a “look into the  body” and see your anatomy. Should you need an X-ray, we have a low dose 3-D EOS X-ray machine available at our Dallas office.

Treatment plans

Treatment plans are devised by collaboration between your physician, you, and your family. It is a team effort to figure out what each patient needs, how to stop the pain, and the optimal way to achieve the best results. Additionally, your physician wants the least-invasive procedure for you. That’s why all treatment plans begin with very conservative treatment measures. They know that most pain can be resolved with a conservative prescription of medicine, injections and/or exercise. That’s why they spend lots of time reviewing each patients test results, to design a treatment plan just for you.

How to have a productive first visit

  • Reach out to us for specialized spine care appointment today.
  • Gather all your past records for the visit. You may need to reach out to past providers or facilities for copies, so start early.
  • Fill out as much of your paperwork online prior to your appointment. Your assigned care coordinator will explain how to do this.
  • Write down some questions you may have to help your remember them during your visit.
  • Be on time.

In the event of inclement weather:

The Southwest Scoliosis clinic will follow the schedule of the school district in which the clinic is located.




Southwest Scoliosis Institute's compassionate doctors take the time to discuss symptoms, health history and treatment options with each patient





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