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Welcome to Southwest Scoliosis Institute. Richard Hostin, MD; Ioannis Avramis, MD; and Shyam Kishan, MD are the physicians here at Southwest Scoliosis Institute who specialize in scoliosis, complex spine and revision surgeries for children and adults.


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We offer hope to those people with complex spine issues who have been told that there is nothing that can be done surgically for their complex scoliosis and spinal conditions.

Over the past 10 years, we have successfully performed over 4,500 surgeries and have helped many people get back to a more normal life. Our orthopedic physicians take the time necessary to diagnose each patient and explain the options. We are happy to share this information with your primary care physician before you make you decision about treatment. Together, we all make the decision on how best to restore you to a more normal life. As soon as you walk into our practice, you will notice how we are focused on making sure that every part of your experience with Southwest Scoliosis Institute is stellar. All of our staff is eager to provide the best quality care that you can receive. If you have any questions about asking our physicians about the diagnostic procedure, filling out forms or making an appointment, we are here to help.

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There is hope.

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