Before you schedule your surgery, you have to schedule what’s commonly referred to as a pre-op evaluation. Below, we’ll explain what happens during this appointment that will ensure you are prepared for a safe and successful surgery.
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A Pre-Operative Appointment is required before surgery.

Doctor Patient appointmentDuring this visit your care coordinator/physician will:

  • Discuss your surgery, including any risks and complications, as well as your postoperative care while in the hospital
  • Answer any questions you may have about your surgery:
  • Use the notes pages included in this guide to writing them down before your visit
  • Go over the final details of your arrival time, location, and surgery time
  • Review your required surgery release forms
  • Someone should attend this visit with you. This could be a family member or someone very close to you who will be available during your surgery.

Brace fitting, if needed

If you have been told that you will need a brace, the type of brace you need and your insurance requirements and benefits will determine whether you will be fitted during your pre-op visit or if someone from a brace company will bring it to the hospital after your surgery.  In most cases, you will receive your brace at your pre-op visit. If so, you will need to bring it to the hospital on the day of surgery.

Bone stimulator, if needed

If you have been told that you will need a bone stimulator, your insurance company will dictate whether you will receive it at one of your post-op visits or if it will be mailed to you by the third-party company providing it. You will not receive it at the hospital.

Note: If you have had a spinal fusion and still don’t have your bone stimulator three weeks after surgery, please notify us.

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