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The reputation for complex spine surgeries

Over the last 10 years, Southwest Scoliosis Institute has been dedicated to treating scoliosis deformities, complex spine surgeries and revision surgeries.

The Southwest Scoliosis Institute is known as North Texas’ premier practice for treating scoliosis and other complex spinal surgeries.

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, Richard Hostin, MD, Ioannis Alexander Avramis, MD and Shyam Kishan, MD have successfully performed more than 4,500 surgeries for scoliosis and the most complicated spinal issues, revision surgeries and Spondylolisthesis.

If you have patients who are suffering from the pain of scoliosis, complex deformities or need revision surgeries, you can trust the physicians and clinicians at The Southwest Scoliosis Institute to give your patients the time, individual attention and treatment they need to get back to a more normal life.

We understand that as a referring physician, your patient’s well-being is your first concern.

You can be assured that your patient will be well taken care of. They may or may not require treatment. In some cases, scoliosis curves can remain untreatable and the patient may lead a productive life. We examine, diagnose and, when appropriate, coordinate with you as the patient’s physician to customize the best possible treatment plan. If treatment is in order, we spend the necessary time that it takes to explain our recommended course of action to your patient. We understand that there are physical and emotional issues that factor into the best possible solution. If surgery is the most effective treatment option, we explain the procedure and address their concerns. We thoroughly map out the surgical process, necessary rehabilitation and timeline for recovery. We communicate back to you, their physician, before and after the surgical procedure. Our goal is that both you and your patient are anxiety free during the whole process.

Leading the way in Scoliosis research.

Our quest for finding new and better treatments led us to be actively involved in spinal deformity research. Richard Hostin, MD, Ioannis Avramis, MD and Shyam Kishan, MD conduct studies regarding spinal disorders. All are members of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) and conduct and publish studies on a regular basis.
• PSNA – Pediatric Orthopaedic Association of North America
• AAOS – American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
• NSF – National Science Foundation

Scoliosis treatment technology has changed very rapidly and there are many ways to treat patients now,” says Dr. Hostin. “I lecture to groups around the country – pediatricians, primary care physicians, internists and to try to keep them updating on the latest advances in scoliosis treatment.  The reality is that in the 21st century, we can treat scoliosis in adults. And we can treat them very effectively.”

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Why refer to Southwest Scoliosis Institute?

We have been focused on scoliosis deformities and complex spine issues for over 10 years and have the expertise and experience to be the reliable source for your patient’s recovery.

Our practices are located in Dallas and Plano, We have been recognized for research, innovation and patient-focused care essential to the future of scoliosis and complex spine treatment. Within our history of focusing on scoliosis deformity and complex spine issues, we have performed surgeries on both children and adults and can be that consistent care giver for patients who are diagnosed very young through their adulthood.

You may make a referral directly to our office by calling 214-556-0565 or can fill out this electronic form and submit to We are the reliable source of answering your questions and getting your patients in as quickly and smoothly as possible for treatment.