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Types of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is one of the more common disorders of the spine. Most people experience few symptoms or problems, but for those with a progressive curvature, these problems can be severe. There are several types of scoliosis.

If you are an adult living with scoliosis and need a specialist who can successfully treat your spine condition, you can rely on the expertise of the Southwest Scoliosis Institute to help.

There are several different types of scoliosis. The most common are:

The accomplished orthopedic surgeons at Southwest Scoliosis Institute, Drs. Hostin, Weisman and Kishan, treat all these conditions and have successfully performed more than 5,600 surgeries. If you have been seen by a physician but feel that you need more answers, Southwest Scoliosis Institute is the right place. We have been successfully performing complex spine surgeries for over 15 years. We are the experts and one of only a few practices in the country that specializes in treating complex spine conditions.


“Adult scoliosis generally is not problematic.  Treating adult scoliosis is about managing the symptoms, if we can control them and you are functioning well, we generally don’t have to progress to a higher level of treatment.”  – Dr. Hostin


“For curves of 40 degrees or more, we usually recommend spinal surgery to correct the problem before it gets worse,” says Dr Kishan.