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Spine & Revision Surgery

In addition to treating scoliosis, Southwest Scoliosis Institute specializes in addressing complex spinal conditions and revision surgeries on adults and adolescents who have had unsuccessful treatment in the past.

Southwest Scoliosis Institute is a true leader in treatment for men, women and children who suffer from chronic back pain or the onset of new conditions six months or longer after spine surgery.

If surgery was performed by another surgeon and the surgery did not help with the condition or led to the onset of other conditions, Drs. Hostin, Avramis and Kishan have the expertise and complex surgical skills to correct that failed surgery. In some cases, surgeries have been performed many years ago and the progression of scoliosis or other spine injuries necessitates an additional surgery.

These fellowship-trained orthopedic physicians have specialized training, meaning they participated in an additional year of in-depth instruction to perfect their skills in orthopedic treatment and surgery. There are only a few surgeons in the country who are experienced in performing these complex surgeries.

Southwest Scoliosis Institute performs surgery for the following conditions:

The core strength of Southwest Scoliosis Institute is our staff,” says Dr. Hostin. “We have a dedicated group of individuals on our team. Our team consists of anesthesiologists, nurses, spinal cord monitoring individuals and implant specialists. We all work together, and the benefit to the individual patient is that their outcomes are better.”

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“Dr. Hostin performed what it’s called laminectomy, and I was in the hospital for two days and had excellent treatment. Through being very well taken care of, doing physical therapy and all the things they told me to do, in six weeks I was pain free and very happy. Now, I am walking, doing yoga and going on trips. Dr. Hostin is pretty much a miracle worker.”  – Linda Morris

“If you’ve been told that you need revision spine surgery and have had trouble finding somebody to help you, please do not give up hope and please give us a call for an evaluation,” says Dr. Avramis. “Revision spine surgery can help with pain, spinal deformity, and to repair broken metal that’s in your back. It can give you a significant improvement in quality of life that can be lasting.”

If you or a loved one suffers from spinal pain, you owe it to yourself to call Southwest Scoliosis Institute at 214-556-0565 to make an appointment.