In addition to treating scoliosis, Southwest Scoliosis Institute specializes in addressing complex spinal conditions and revision surgeries for adults and adolescents who have had unsuccessful treatment in the past and are still in pain.

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Southwest Scoliosis Institute is a true leader in treatment for men, women, and children who suffer from chronic back pain or the onset of new conditions six months or longer after spine surgery.

Spine and Revision Surgery

Scoliosis Institute Doctors: Drs. Kishan, Hostin and WiesmanIf surgery was performed by another surgeon and the surgery did not help with the condition, pain or possibly increased nerve pain and other conditions, Drs. Hostin, Kishan, and Wiesman have the expertise and complex surgical skills to correct that failed surgery. A failed back surgery is sometimes called FBBS or failed back surgery syndrome. In some cases, surgery had been performed many years ago and the progression of scoliosis or other spine injuries necessitates an additional surgery, we can help. We have evaluated over 30,000 patients over the years and completed more than 5,900 successful surgeries.

Why have Spine Revision Surgery

We are often sought out after many failed attempts to alleviate pain and/or progressive symptoms. Sometimes, the original fusion surgery, did not heal correctly and promote bone growth to fuse the vertebrae together, and this causes a lot of pain. Several of our patients spend years in pain and looking for a physician with the expert skill to have an additional surgical procedure to help.  They tell us they wish they had found us earlier in their life. Because they realize just how much life has passed them by while they were suffering. 

Often it’s the lumbar spine that is the affected area and causing the most pain. Your lumbar spine is what helps you stand straight, sit in a car and drive, walk about the grocery store or a carnival with family. Your spine supports your body, so if one section is in pain, the entire spine is not functioning correctly. This you either don’t participate in activities or you must have assistance, or a walker to help you.

Some conditions or common reasons a corrective revision surgery may be required are:

  • Flatback
    Broken hardware
    A new spine injury or deformity
    Adjacent segment disease

Our fellowship-trained orthopedic physicians have extensive specialized training, meaning they participated in an additional year of in-depth instruction, to perfect their skills in orthopedic spine treatment and surgery. Our physicians are also active in research, collaborating with other physicians, world-wide, to further understand and correct spine conditions. There are only a few surgeons in the country who are experienced in performing these complex surgeries.

How to diagnose your spine pain source

To diagnose the cause of pain or discomfort, at your first appoint with your physician will need to to bring you medical records with you for your physician to review. Particularly, your initial evaluation, spinal surgery notes and most current imaging CDs and reports. Your surgical notes from your first surgery will help identify the surgical site and surgical techniques used by your prior physician. and the most current films you may have.

Often times, the revision procedure will involve a spinal fusion to correct a spine deformity. During the procedure your physician will remove scar tissue and utilize bone graft to fill any gaps in the spine where he or she is trying to fuse the bones together. If any additional herniated discs are present, he will correct those during the surgery as well.


“The core strength of Southwest Scoliosis Institute is our staff,” says Dr. Hostin. “We have a dedicated group of individuals on our team. Our team consists of anesthesiologists, nurses, spinal cord monitoring individuals, and implant specialists. We all work together, and the benefit to the individual patient is that their outcomes are better.”


After a fusion procedure at another hospital left Jo with broken rods in her back and in constant pain, Jo came to Dallas, Texas from Florida to meet with Dr. Hostin. After reviewing and discussing her case with her, they performed agreed revision surgery was needed to correct the problems and get rid of the pain. This video was shot on her post surgery visit. Now, thanks to Dr. Hostin and the team at Southwest Scoliosis Institute,  Jo has healed well and feels like she has her life back!

“If you’ve been told that you need revision spine surgery and have had trouble finding someone to help you, please do not give up hope and please give us a call for an evaluation,” says Dr. Hostin. “Revision spine surgery can help with pain, spinal deformity, and to repair broken rods in your back. It can give you a significant improvement in the quality of life that can be lasting.”

If you or a loved one suffers from spinal pain, you owe it to yourself to call Southwest Scoliosis Institute at 214-556-0555 to make an appointment.