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We offer hope to those people with complex spine issues who have been told that there is nothing that can be done surgically for their complex scoliosis and spinal conditions.

Scoliosis Doctors Near Me

Scoliosis Institute DoctorsWhen patients are looking for a “scoliosis doctor near me”, they often do not find a physician or institute that is focused on diagnosing and treatment of scoliosis and spine deformities. Our Institute is “one of a kind”, we specialize in all types of spine conditions for all ages, from infancy to adulthood. Our institute and physicians are dedicated to the research, treatment, and quality of life indicators, that affect patients with scoliosis or other complex spine conditions. Our physicians are members of the Scoliosis Research Society and North American Spine Society and participate in research studies.

Over the past 14 years, we have successfully performed over 5,900 surgeries, evaluated more than 30,000 patients from around the world. We have a dedicated staff, including care coordinators who are assigned to each patient to help with any diagnostic tests, physician appointments, or surgery if needed. Your personal care coordinator will work with your insurance plan to ensure all procedures and testing are approved before we move forward. For those abroad or out of state patients, we will help set up imaging, testing, or physical therapy closer to home, to make it convenient for you.

We have helped many patients start living without pain and get back to a more normal life. Our very experienced orthopedic physicians take the time necessary to diagnose each patient and explain the treatment options available for all types of spinal deformities. We are happy to collaborate and share this information with your primary care physician before you make your decision about any treatment or spine surgery.

We also have experience with revision spine surgeries. We understand how difficult it is for a patient who has already had spine surgery and has been left without the expected results. Sometimes a patient who has had a spine surgery somewhere else will still have a lot of pain and discomfort. We are here to help you. Our expert trained surgeons have had a lot of success with corrective revision surgeries, which often involve a spinal fusion. We understand the spine and what it means to stand up straight and walk a distance. We are looking to a bright future for you, a long term solution to your back pain. Together, we will all agree on the best way to restore you to your best life.

As soon as you walk into our practice, you will notice how we are focused on making sure that every part of your experience with Southwest Scoliosis Institute is stellar. With each new patient, your physician will personally take the time to review any records and imaging and meet with you to discuss his findings. We have low radiation, stand-up, quick X-ray suite located in our office to help facilitate any imaging needs required to diagnose your condition correctly. All of our physicians and staff are eager to provide the best quality care for you.

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We have two locations for your convenience, please choose the location that is more convenient and click your selection to get driving instructions.

Call 214-308-0319 for an appointment at our Dallas location and call 214-556-0555 for an appointment at our Plano location to have our compassionate staff schedule your appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.