With more than 15-plus years of practicing at Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute and over 16,000 successful surgeries, we have many patients who like to share their experiences with new or potential patients suffering from the pain associated with scoliosis and other complex spinal conditions. We hope that these stories will be helpful as you are considering treatment with the Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute.

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Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials and reviews are provided by our wonderful patients who value the extraordinary health care we provide. But the best part is that they are healthier and happy patients who can go through life much better than before. Please listen to their testimonials.

Chloe V, Patient on the Testimonials Page

Chloe V: 14 years old, 65° curve “Recovery was hard at first but everybody would kind of work with me, and Dr. Hostin and Dr. Shelokov would visit me, so I felt OK. The pain was really only the first day after surgery. After that, I felt fine.”

Cindy_G, patient
Cindy G: 46 years old, 55° curve “It was wonderful — finally somebody said, ‘Yeah, I can do something for you.’ Finally, I had some hope after 15 years of being told and looking into the future thinking ‘I’m going to be in a wheelchair one of these days.’”
Canda J, Patient on the Testimonials Page

Canda J: 45 years old, 65° curve “Before my surgery I went in with a list of things of all the things that I had done before. It was like, “Okay, can I do these things now?” He told me that I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Scuba diving — I’ve done that. Softball, I’m playing now. And bowling, not a problem there. Actually, I’ve got a better game now. He’s told me I can ride horses. I haven’t done that yet. Chances are I probably will.”

Carolyn_M, Patient

Carolyn M: 56 years old, 46° curve “I wasn’t aware that I had scoliosis throughout my life. I did things not knowing my condition. Water skiing. I have skydived. I have had horses several times over my life and never enjoyed them for any length of time because my back pain would be so terribly bad. Eventually, I couldn’t do the everyday, common things. It got to the point that I was unable to run my vacuum cleaner. Over time it was a lot to deal with, and you don’t realize it because it comes so gradually.”

Dot N, Patient on the Testimonials Page

Dot N: 51 years old, 125° curve “Growing up was not easy. People look at you differently. Of course, they notice right away the curve, and it was hard. Here in the States, I had to go to a maternity store so that everything I wear is loose. Everything had to be done for my measurements because I’m different.”

Sheila_G, Patient
Sheila G: 54 years old, 76° curve “I’m raising my two youngest grandsons by myself, so there’s a lot that has to be done. I did not stop just because I was tired. If they had school functions, I had to go to that, even though it hurt and I was exhausted and everything. But now I am able to do more things with them, get out and walk with them. We do a lot more things together now. And I mean, I want to go do it now, and I feel good doing it.”
Pat H, Patient on the Testimonials Page

Pat H: 62 years old, 30° curve “All I had ever heard anybody say about back surgery was “Don’t do it; you’ll be worse than you are now!” but my daughter, who is a nurse, looked at the Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute website and said, “These guys just have such great credentials I think we need to check it out.”

Jeff_G, Patient
Jeff G: 20 years old, double curve “For anyone considering scoliosis treatment, I would tell them, get yourself to Dr. Hostin as soon as possible. It’s been about 4 months now, and I’m in excellent condition. I’ve almost got my full mobility back and pretty much have resumed my normal activities.”
Jolene M, patient on the Testimonials Page
Jolene M: 25 years old, double curve 82/90 ° “You go through a moment while you’re in the hospital that you think ‘why did I do this? My life was okay before.’ And now you’re in the hospital doing this. But then, after you start healing, you think, I’m so glad that I did this. It benefits me so well and I wouldn’t take it back. A little bit of something now gains a lot of something.”
Rhonda_M, Patient

Rhonda M: 44 years old, double curve 50/52° “I just want anybody else to know who’s been, or is where I was, there’s hope. There’s hope, and I didn’t have that for 14 years, and the last six of it, I thought literally I would spend the rest of my life in agony. But now I have my life back. He gave me my life back. I told him he was my hero.”

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