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Our Specialty is Scoliosis

Twelve million people worldwide are affected by scoliosis, spine pain, and other spinal injuries or problems. Many people have some degree of curvature of the spine, or scoliosis, yet experience little or no discomfort.

3 percent of individuals with progressive curvature may eventually experience severe problems that can include back pain, spinal problems and nerve compression causing numbness, weakness and leg pain.

A particularly debilitating form of the disease in adults is degenerative scoliosis, which produces incapacitating pain and progressive curvature of the spine. Untreated cases may manifest as a disfiguring S- or C-shaped curve and often a large hump in the back. As they age, patients with this form of scoliosis have increasing difficulty exercising, and their lifestyle may be impacted by pain. As the disease progresses, some may experience difficulty breathing.

At Southwest Scoliosis Institute, we focus on finding the right treatment for our scoliosis patients

At Southwest Scoliosis Institute, our fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic spine surgeons, Richard Hostin, MD; Ioannis Alexander Avramis, MD; and Shyam Krishan, MD, specialize in treatment of scoliosis for children and adults. Our experienced surgical and nursing team cares for people with all types of scoliosis — from mild to the most severe cases. Our team of specialists determine optimal treatment for you or your child based on the severity of the spinal curve, where the curve occurs in the spine, and the age and stage of progression. Our mission is to minimize surgical risks associated with scoliosis, spine pain and spinal deformity. Only a handful of U.S. surgeons have the extensive experience and interest in specializing in these difficult procedures. In many cities, no orthopedic surgeon specializes in the care of adults and children with scoliosis; therefore, many people who could benefit from the surgery are unaware of the opportunity to improve the condition. While many patients with scoliosis believe there is no treatment option available or that as an adult, their scoliosis cannot be treated, Southwest Scoliosis Institute offers new hope.

We Can Help

The first time you walk into our offices, you feel at ease. You talk directly to one of our orthopedic surgeons about your treatment options, who takes time to listen and understand the complexities of your situation. He will perform a detailed diagnosis. After you are well informed, together you will investigate the right treatment plan for you. If your physician feels surgery is not the right decision in your case, he’ll tell you that, too, and recommend a nonsurgical remedy as a first course of action.

“We measure our success by our patients’ expectations of success,” says Dr. Hostin. “We commonly receive letters and pictures from our patients telling us how we have been a significant part in their recovery and how much the quality of their lives has improved.”

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“I was very fortunate to have Dr. Avramis for my scoliosis surgery. Recuperation went very well and without incident. After only six months, I am back to (carefully) doing what I want, including yard work and bicycling.” – Robert Wagner

If you are an adult living with scoliosis or have a child with scoliosis and need a physician who specializes in orthopedic surgery, call the Southwest Scoliosis Institute at 214-556-0565 to make an appointment today.