Before obtaining your surgery, a Pre-surgical Checklist must get addressed before you head to surgery. All of the steps may or may not pertain to you; although, each of them needs to ensure a successful surgery. Then your assigned staff will help schedule any testing and appointments that need to take place before your surgery.

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The Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute Presurgical Testing Appointment is Important

Presurgical Testing

Health InsuranceBefore scheduling surgery, patients will speak with their medical team about some important medical information. In view of this, the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist, and supporting staff will obtain information about any allergies, medications, and medical history. Furthermore, this often occurs by phone or in person. Also, the patient will undergo some simple tests.

The information provided in these interviews becomes extremely important for determining how anesthesia gets administered and what you should do the day before the operation. If scheduled for surgery and receive a call from a local number you do not recognize, please answer it as it may be from a doctor and nurse.

Two Weeks Prior to Surgery – Schedule Presurgical Testing

Your bloodwork appointment will be set for you.

One Week Prior to Surgery (1 to 7Days Out Depending on the Requirement):


Preregistration and presurgical testing at the hospital, including

  • Blood platelet test to determine how your blood clots
  • Chest X-ray and EKG if not done recently

Bring the following to the presurgical testing appointment:

All paperwork and orders from your physician

  • Insurance cards and photo ID
  • A list of your surgeries, hospitalizations, and recent testing
  • All medications in the original bottles, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbals, and supplements
  • An advance directive (if you have one), such as a living will or durable power of attorney
  • Autologous blood donor card, if applicable
  • A list of questions that you would like addressed

Daily, Beginning Five Days Prior to Surgery:

  • Shower every day, including the day of your surgery, with Hibiclens® antiseptic soap, available over the counter at most pharmacies, drug stores, and grocery stores
  • Wash your neck, chest, abdomen, sides, and back
  • You may use your regular soap or body wash after using Hibiclens
  • NOTE: DO NOT use Hibiclens after surgery; it will stop your wound from healing
  • Lightly swab your nostrils twice daily, including the morning of surgery, with Bactroban® antibiotic ointment
  • Use of Bactroban ointment has been shown to decrease infections by protecting against MRSA
  • You will be provided a prescription for Bactroban; if a pharmacy number is not on file, one will be requested

One Day Prior to Surgery:

  • If you have previously completed your preregistration/pre-testing appointment, you will need to visit the hospital for one last blood test with pre-op on the first floor to determine your blood type and provide additional data for the blood bank:
  • This test is required to be done the day before surgery

If you or a loved one suffers from spinal pain, you owe it to yourself to call Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute at 214-556-0555 to make an appointment.